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INC (It’s Not Church)

INC’s mission is to provide a place of mentorship and advancement for families already being reached in Dream Center San Antonio’s (DCSA) 95 block range. Our goal is to distribute food, toiletries, and clothing each week along with having a dynamic speaker who will deliver a teaching that is sure to inspire the overall welfare of mind, body, and soul.   INC’s vision is to host an evening event comprising of afterschool tutoring and homework assistance, as well as physical fitness training and activities.  The night concludes with a time of “Life Teaching” broken down for children, teens, and adult levels.


When: Tuesday Evenings


Schedule Breakdown:

5:00-7:00 P.M. Meal Team Prep

5:30 P.M. Leadership Arrival

5:30-6:00 P.M. Prayer and Block assignments

6:00-6:45 P.M. Block Walk (Meal Team Prepping)

6:45-7:00 P.M. Set-Up and Greetings

7:00-7:45 P.M. Speaker

7:45-8:30 P.M. Meal and Resource Distribution

8:30 P.M. Clean Up


For questions or more information, contact one of INC’s Co-Directors, Isaac Anaya at 210.557.7830 or by email at or Aaron Peña at 210.454.2361 or by email 


Adopt-A-Block’s aim is to directly impact communities, neighborhoods, and homes with services such as cleaning yards, performing minor home repairs, covering graffiti, providing support and assistance for elderly as well as providing urgent needs such as food, clothing, and teen interventions. Adopt-A-Block engages volunteer teams of staff mentors, at-risk youth, community non-profits, businesses, and residents to serve the low-income communities of San Antonio. The mission is to impact the community one block, one family at a time. 



When: Every Saturday from 9:00 A.M. – 1 P.M.

Where: Meet at DCSA offices (1617 E. Commerce St.)



For more volunteer information about Adopt-A-Block, contact Erica Anaya at 210.643.0420 or by email at



For more information about Adopt-A-Block, contact our Adopt-A-Block Director, Isaac Anaya at 210.557.7830 or by email at or our Co-Director, Anthony Howard at 210.842.1101 or by email at


Food Outreach


The Food Outreach program’s mission is to fight hunger while providing hope. This program provides weekly food distributions at INC and Adopt-A-Block, operates a food pantry every Saturday from 9:30 – 11:30 A.M. at DCSA’s offices (1617 E. Commerce St), and coming soon, a mobile food truck for the delivery of hot and nutritious meals.


When: Every Tuesday evening at INC (5 P.M. – 8:30 P.M.) & every Saturday at Adopt-A-Block (9:00 A.M. – 1 P.M.)


For more information, contact our Food Outreach Director, Matthew Molpus at 210.838.7132 or by email at

Dream Kids & Metro Kids


Dream Center San Antonio (DCSA) encourages kids to dream big and work hard to achieve all that God has planned for them through our Dream Kids and Metro Kids program. Dream Kids meets Tuesday evenings during INC at 7 P.M. and Sunday evenings during Mosaic at 6:30 P.M. at DCSA (1617 E. Commerce St).


Dream Kids offers a large variety of themes from object lessons, to plays, to skits, and games in order to teach children valuable lessons to help them grow. Metro Kids is the community-based portion of the children’s program that meets every Saturday during Adopt-A-Block, giving kids a taste of what Dream Kids is all about, but right in their own neighborhood!


For more information or to volunteer*, contact our Dream Kids and Metro Kids Director, Adam Peterson at 361.946.5580 or by email at


*All volunteers for this program will be asked to fill out a background check and may be asked to attend a training

 ReShape To Live

Reshaping people’s lives from the inside out is the mission of our health and fitness program, ReShape To Live. ReShape To Live promotes healthy living, healthy lifestyle education, fitness workouts and many resources to local companies, businesses, and individuals who struggle with any of the following:


  • Obesity
  • Health issues
  • Low self-esteem
  • Unemployment
  • Homelessness
  • Lack of resources
YouTube Page

And now, you have access to ReShape To Live’s workouts right in your own home! Click here to subscribe to their YouTube page and take advantage of these home workout videos.


For more information, contact our ReShape To Live Co-Director, Jason Diaz at 210.629.9443 or by email at


re:LOVE’s mission is to provide hope to the underprivileged communities of San Antonio by distributing gently-used and new clothes, shoes, miscellaneous household items, and toiletries and personal hygiene items. Every distribution is free of charge and without obligation. We believe that no one should go without the basic household toiletries needed for everyday use. re:LOVE also serves as a resource to other programs such as foster care, CPS, and shelters in and around our city.


Every month, re:LOVE will be holding a different donation drive—collecting a specific need for the month. Click here for the latest monthly donation drive.


Distribution Information

  • Clothing & toiletries distributed every Saturday at Fairchild Park (behind DCSA) and Lockwood Park during Adopt-A-Block
  • Toiletries distributed every first Tuesday of the month during INC at DCSA (1617 E. Commerce St)
  • Clothing distributed every second Tuesday of the month during INC at DCSA


**re:LOVE does provide items on emergency basis (house fires, transition to shelters from jail or abusive homes, etc.)**


Consider volunteering during any one of the distribution times!


For more information, contact our re:LOVE Director, Nydia Levario at 210.548.7745 or by email at



(Radio, TV, & Web)

We are excited to announce our newest program and partnership with Inspiration4Life! Inspiration4Life is a community-based organization and media outlet, promoting healthy lifestyle education and providing inspiration, motivation, transformation, restoration and hope for all demographics in San Antonio and to listeners around the world. Working closely with ReShape To Live, we advocate and educate those who struggle with obesity, health issues, low self-esteem, awareness issues, unemployment, homelessness, all types of abuse, finances, and so much more.


For more information about our newest program and to listen online LIVE now to their 24/7 radio station, visit Inspiration4Life’s website by clicking here.


Or for more information, contact our Inspiration4Life Director, Rita Hernandez at 210.237.7496 or by email at

The Movement SA

The Movement is a continuation of Dream Center San Antonio’s (DCSA) efforts to provide ministry training that is comprised of classroom learning, mentorship, and hands-on serving in the community.  We believe nothing births passion and vision like serving and applying what God has taught us.


Students can choose to take either a 12 week rotation volunteering in several programs or a 6 month long internship with a specific program.  Each option provides an educational and hands-on track where they will uncover and grow in their dreams and talents. Our leadership team is dedicated to helping students discover their identity in Christ, as well as their direction and purpose.  DCSA is the perfect place to learn, grow, and make a tangible impact on a community in need.


Will you begin to pursue your purpose?  Will you join The Movement?


Where: Orientation and classes are held at the DCSA offices (1617 E. Commerce St) every Saturday morning from 9 A.M. to 10 A.M. with serving opportunities in each program immediately following classroom teaching


What: Opportunity to receive ministry training in areas such as creative arts, children’s ministry, youth ministry, street outreach, exercise and wellness, and more


Cost:  12 week semester – $30

6 month semester – $60


When & How to Apply? Click here for information on the next semester of The Movement and to apply today!


For questions, please contact Director, Ruy D’Amico at 210.317.7092 or by email at